I am absolutely baffled at the need to print this photo. Perhaps it’s a good illustration of why the town above needs a youth curfew?



Sure, blame the Pole…

So from what I can gather, people keep backing into a pole and they now want to sue the city for not putting a sign on it. What would the sign say?

WARNING: Do Not Back Into This Pole. May Cause Damage To Your Vehicle.

I love the quote “I mean, really, you’re supposed to be in control of your vehicle at all times. I can’t really comment on her driving skills.”

Building Faith in the Justice System

Exciting Dialogue in Inuvik

Posted On August 21, 2008

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Personally I’m a fan of blackberry jam…

There's a lot of debate about this but I think Strawberry wins!


Toothbrushes in Yellowknife 13 August 08

Update: Not Northern, but perhaps there is a connection…?

This was on the front cover of the “Yellowknifer” August 13th 2008. Apparently they’re surprised that people are brushing their teeth…